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Game developer
Technical artist

Technical Resume (pdf)


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Game Development

Game Demoreel

Several game related projects developed between 2010 and 2017. Tools: Blender, Unreal, Unity, GameMaker, and C/SDL/GL.

Shodō - Unity Game

Worked as a technical artist on Shodō. I designed and implemented the visual 'paper' art style, sprites, and blood effects.

Screen shot of the game Shodo

Pathtracer - Render Engine

Developed a bidirectional path tracer in C++. Supports spheres and triangles meshes. More features can be seen in the demo reel above.

Rendered image of my path tracer

Game Art


Prior to becoming a developer, I worked as a pixel artist on several game projects.

Pixel art examples

Zombie game

Shoot the Ron Weasley zombies. Gamemaker, blender.

Zombie game

Other Projects

Virtual Reality Mirror Therapy

Virtual-reality software for chronic stroke rehabilitation, using mirror therapy techniques. The patients view can bee seen here.

VRMT in practice

Anatomy Specimen Viewer

Web app for the Otago Department of Anatomy, for learning anatomical features on specimens that are too delicate to touch. Hosted here

Anatomy Viewer

Loopie - iOS App

A video recording, editing and sharing platform. Developed during my internship at mixbit. Until recently the app was available on iTunes.

Loopie app screen shots

Intern at mixbit - Nov 2015

The Loopie team at mixbit, posing like Matt Damon in The Martian.
Jan-Dawid Roodt (lead), Emerson Wood, Tom Hall, & myself.

Group photo at mixbit

Other Interests

Competitive Programming

Our team qualified for the ACM ICPC Regional Finals in Sydney.
Myself, Phillip Hodder, Simon Finnie, & David Eyers (coach).

Group photo at mixbit

Twisty Puzzles

I enjoy solving many kinds of puzzles, especially Rubik's style twisty puzzles. Here is a photo of my collection back in 2016.

Rubiks cube collection


I perform standup. More details here.

Me doing stand-up

“You're very funny, we have to get you on again”

~ Brendhan Lovegrove

“split-second timing, confidence, and brilliantly off-colour gags”

~ Otago Daily Times